Player API

Get the player object

Get the player object with player's uuid.

ZabriPlayer player = CraftSearch.getInstance().getPlayer(uuid);

See also: on GitHub

Lang on CraftSearch

With the LTS API, you can get the player language to translate your message in it.

Lang lang = player.getLang();

You can also change the player language.


See also: on GitHub, LTS API

Grade on CraftSearch

You can get player grade on CraftSearch.

Grade grade = player.getGrade();

See also: on GitHub

Current server

You can get the current server id of a player. (the server where the player is currently connected)

String serverid = player.getCurrentServer();


You can send a player between servers with ConnectSwitcher.


serverid is a string that is your server id (you can find it at end of description in CraftSearch menu)